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Horizontal Auto-Packaging Machine

One Servo Motor Driven

Max. Product Size: L300*W140*H65(mm)

Min. Product Size: L80*W30*H10(mm)

CE Approved(For Europe Area)
Stainless Steel and Press Button Control Panel


  • Compact design and easy cleaning.

  • Individual Bottom-sealed and End-sealed temperature controller.

  • Servo Control

  • Sanitary Modular Design.

  • Left to Right operating direction.

  • All surfaces in contact with product and machine cover are stainless steel SUS#304

  • Automatic film Eye-Mark tracking system, reduce empty pack and film waste.

  • Touch screen setting of machine parameters

  • visible operational status and error messages.

  • Individual end-sealed cutting position adjustment, prevent cutting out of position.

  • Wrapping speed can be adjusted



Capable of wrapping endless different products in the food sectors.
Ideal for products such as Bread, Cookies, Cakes, Nougat other solid products.

Packaging Samples

01.Sun Cake

02.Rice Cracker

03.Cantonese Mooncake

04.Pineapple Shortbread

05.Pineapple Cake

06.Square Cracker

07.Thick Cut Toast

08.Japanese Confection

09.Hamburger Bread

10.Pineapple Cake

11.Japanese Snack

12.Sticky Rice

Specification Table




Options Available

  • Extra Jaws
  • No Product No Bag
  • Nitrogen Filling Device
  • Auto-Feeding System
  • Auto-Labeling Machine
  • Thermal Transfer Printer
  • Jet Printer
  • In-Feed Conveyor Extended (6/8/10 feet)
  • Discharge Conveyor Extended

Contact Details

No. 292, Fengzheng Rd., Wufeng District, Taichung City 41357, Taiwan (R.O.C) Factory Location:Taiwan

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